A Day in the life of A Milk Makeup influencer Intern


Timeline: June 2019-August 2019

7:30AM: Wake up & boil water for coffee while brushing my teeth & putting on sunscreen! 

8AM: Drink coffee while getting ready for work! Typically on the days I worked at Milk, I tried to match my makeup to their overall branding (just for fun, it wasn’t required or anything)!

8:30AM: Drive on Sunset Blvd forever for my 30-45 minute commute

Around 9:00AM-9:30AM: Arrive at the Milk Makeup parking lot and fight to find a parking spot. 

9:30AM: Walk into the office, log into the computer and take note of the gratis sheet. This was a Google Sheet filled with the information for the packages we would be sending to our influencers for the day! Normally, these would be re-ups on products that they either ran out of or talked about loving on social media - more for relationship management than in pursuit of a sponsored post. 

9:30-11 AM: Build PR packages for the day, make shipping labels through FedEx, schedule a FedEx pickup and drag the packages upstairs to be picked up. 

11 AM-1 PM: Track influencer activity on Tribe Dynamics and engage with their posts on social media (liking and commenting). 

1PM: Lunch break! Walk to a nearby restaurant to spend my daily lunch stipend. 

2PM: Return to the office. Catch up on engaging with any new posts, making sure everything I post matches Milk’s branding and standards for professionalism!

3-4PM: Work on sourcing Micro-influencers for Milk Makeup’s Studio Fam program, where we send them free product in exchange for posts! During my internship, I focused exclusively on sourcing talented women of color to add to the PR list by sifting through our tagged posts. 

4:30PM: Head out for the day and fight through an hour of traffic to get back home!