- Oversee events and internal operations of all directors on the board to ensure a productive workflow.

- Maintain productive relations and coordinate with the Communications major department.

- Maintain a constructive brand image by heading Branding and Merchandising for the organization.

Senior Advisor

- Run meetings

- Coordinate tasks between directors

- Fulfill administrative tasks

- Communicate with the department


- Administer Facebook, Instagram, website, etc.

- Post regularly for events and digital marketing

- Assist in managing social giveaways for members

Social Media

- In charge of the logistics of UCA’s Networking Nights (booking rooms, catering, planning the event, working with ASUCLA)

- Liaison for guests and companies present for networking

- Organize and help plan which companies will be present

Director of Networking Night

Director of Communications

- Respond to all member inquiries

- Send newsletters with upcoming UCA news and events to all active members on an updated roster

- Seek relevant opportunities from UCLA student orgs, local internship postings and Comm major info to send to all active members

-Manage member recruitment and help execute outreach strategy

- Create graphics and all marketing material design

- Assist in defining organization branding

Director of DESIGN

- Manage venue logistics for meetings

-Manage off campus event logistics, outreach and communications



- Apply for relevant funding for operations and events in advance

- Attending hearings and monitor allocated funds

- Coordinate with recruitment for membership dues

- Book keep and maintain finances

- Manage organization’s online presence on all digital platforms in terms of audience and reach

- Define club’s aesthetic vision, organization merchandise and create graphics for marketing material

- Advise on and off campus outreach strategy and help execute